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analogalpaca ([personal profile] analogalpaca) wrote2011-07-09 06:53 pm

Goodbye LJ!

Hi everyone!

I am done with LJ. I haven't been updating for a very long time. I haven't checked my friends page in months. I haven't even logged in for many months until today to post this. At this point I don't have time to keep track of LJ and, with the exception of very few people, all the updates here appear elsewhere (like Google+ or Facebook or your blogs) as well. And I know that of those few of you if you want my opinion on a "friends only" or restricted post you'll just ask me directly anyway. So, yeah.

Anyway, it's been a fun 10-ish years. Made some friends, made some enemies, made some mistakes, had a ton of fun. Regardless, I'm going away now. Bye, LiveJournal!

- Wing

PS: You can find me on Google+, Facebook, or

PPS: Comments for this post are off because I really don't wanna check it.